heatsmart victory heater

HeatSmart Victory Heater

Therapeutic Heat Manufactured to Last Over 20,000 Hours!

Just plug it in and it starts cleaning the air in your home from airborne impurities such as particles of dust, smoke, molds, pollen and allergens. Comes with gift box and manual.

  • Therapeutic heat is produced by using six quartz infrared elements which are manufactured to last 20,000+ hours
  • Plugs into any standard 110v three-prong grounded wall outlet, Uses a 6 foot, 14 gauge cord
  • Fully functional remote; Small convenient design
  • Electronic thermostat with LCD digital display accurate to +1 or -1 degree with a range of 40 degrees to 90 degrees fahrenheit
  • High impact casters allow heater to be easily rolled from room to room
  • Built in cord wrap mounted on back
  • Sleeve bearing scroll fan, Noise Level: Quiet 38.5 DBA
  • Lifetime washable electrostatic filter which is easy to remove, rinse and clean with running water; Dry before replacing in unit.
  • Galvanized, electroplated convection style steel chamber uses the latest design with copper lining.
  • Solid wood with oak veneer waterfall finish LCD temperature display
  • Auto restart to 68 degrees after a power outage
  • Opti-Switch allows operation at 1500 watts for a large room or 1000 watts for a small room at a flip of a switch
  • 8 hour countdown timer, Room temperature check

HeatSmart Victory Heater

heatsmart victory heater
  • 13.1"W x 19.3" D x 17.3" H, Heater weight is 33 lbs., Shipping Weight is 37 lbs.
  • ETL / UL / CSA Certified, Automatically turns off when air flow is restricted.
  • On High: 12.6 AMPS / 5120 BTU / 1500 WATTS
  • On Low: 9.0 AMSS / 3400 BTU / 1000 WATTS
  • 3 year full warranty; Includes replacement of infrared heating elements