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O3 pureair air purifier 

O3 PureAir Air Purifier

The O3 PureAir has 7 levels of filtration which are designed to take aim at airborne allergens in your home or office, making your air cleaner and fresher. [Learn more]


fresh air combo special 

Fresh Air Combo Special

Includes three great productsat one low price! Package includes our newest O3 PureAir air purifier, the O3 Fridge Deodorizer and Food Saver and the versatile Breeze-50 Plug In Air Purifier that can go anywhere - even tight spaces. [Learn more]


breeze 50 plug in adjustable air purifier 

O3 Breeze 50 Plug-In Adjustable Ozone Air Purifier

The best mini plug in air purifier on the market today. Just plug it in and it starts cleaning the air in your home from airborne impurities such as particles of dust, smoke, molds, pollen and allergens. [Learn more]


rechargeable fridge purifier 

Rechargeable Fridge Purifier, Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator

The O3-Pure Rechargeable Refrigerator Purifier will typically pay for itself within 4 months from date of purchase by adding life expectancy to all of your produce. Keeps food fresher longer. [Learn more]


O3 Pure Fridge Deodorizer and Food Preserver 

O3 Pure Fridge Deodorizer & Food Preserver

The O3 Pure Fridge Deodorizer is strategically engineered for the high humidity and cold temperatures inside of refrigerators. Within just a few hours, you'll notice how clean your fridge smells. Extends food life and reduces spoilage. [Learn more]


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